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IKI Individual-Training

Your personal experience and needs flow directly into you VIP lessons and define the main direction of what we’ll be working on together.

In IKI VIP lessons, we will be focusing on breaking down language barriers. Together we’ll increase the flow of your speech step by step.

Learn the laws of German or English grammar intuitively – using day-by-day situations – just as you learned your mother tongue.

One-to-one training or small groups as well as competent, motivating trainers create an atmosphere that will significantly contribute to your learning success.

One-to-one private lessons

Language training for individuals in business German und business English for levels A1 to C2

Over the years IKI has been fortunate enough to receive positive reactions and continued interest from motivated learners hailing from all corners of the world. Among these are personalities from the political world, the business sector, and the creative and cultural industries. In addition to our regular school and course activities, we offer exclusive programs for individuals and small groups. Learn more…

With our tailor-made one-to-one training courses, you will have our undivided attention. You’ll define the topics and content of your lessons with your trainer and arrange appointments that suit your schedule or your professional requirements.

We are offering you these advantages:

  • Personal timetable for every language level
  • Individualized expansion of your vocabulary
  • Build on your personal experience
  • Job-related, practical content
  • We will follow your pace in learning
  • Maximum results in a short time
  • At a location of your choice – also in distance learning mode

Specific Topics and Content

It’s up to you to determine the priorities and specify the requirements – from everyday language to special-interest topics. On request, we can completely customize the content to your company’s needs and its specific industry environment.

Because everyone has their preference

You choose the location and we bring the books! It can be your home, the office, IKI, or any other location that suits you. What matters is that you can concentrate and that there are as few distractions as possible.

Up to a maximum of 3 people

Maybe you would rather learn with another person at your side (max. 2 people are possible in our VIP program) so you can motivate each other? In small groups, both individuality in dealing with the language and communicative cooperation is ensured. This program is perfect for small families or couples. With worthwhile per capita conditions included.

Individual VIP Training

12 LU*
€ 792,-

24 LU*
€ 1.536,-

54 LU*
€ 3.402,-

*1 LU (lesson unit) 45 minutes

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