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Wenn Sie unsere Website weiter benutzen, gehen wir von Ihrem Einverständnis aus, Ihr anonymisiertes Nutzungsverhalten zu Analysezwecken aufzuzeichnen.
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Financial Support

Funding Programmes for German Courses

IKI Vienna is in close contact with various organisations which provide financial support for German courses:

  • Vienna Employment Promotion Fund  – The WAFF romotes the education and training of people living in Vienna.
  • Das Arbeitsmarktservice – Das AMS supports courses for people seeking employment.
  • The Austrian Integration Fund – The ÖIF assists immigrants throughout Austria with their integration process by providing counseling and information.
  • The City of Vienna – The MA17 supports German Courses with their coupon Wiener Sprachgutschein.

The placement test helps us to find the appropriate German course for you. You can take the test in our office anytime here online.

Funding from AMS, ÖIF and WAFF

We put together a cost estimate for your German course or your German exam and assist you in submitting it to the appropriate funding agency such as the AMS, WAFF, or ÖIF.

If funding for your course or exam is approved, the course fees are either partially or wholly paid by the respective cooperation partners.

As soon as the approval for the cost coverage is at hand, we will reserve your place in our next course.

Application for financial support

When submitting a grant application you will need our free quote to present at WAFF, AMS oder ÖIF. For the cost estimate, we require the following:

• Name
• Address with postal code
• Social insurance number
• Level placement test

We send it to you via E-Mail or you can pick up the cost estimate in our office. Our office is open Mondays to Thursdays from 9.00am to 4.00pm.

Integration Agreement, ÖIF-Voucher and “Wiener Sprachgutschein” from MA 35

Cooperation with ÖIF

IKI Vienna has been involved in immigrants’ integration process for many years and is certified both by the Austrian Integration Fund and the City of Vienna.

The Integration Agreement (only for non-EU citizens)

Our course contains preparation for the ÖIF exam “Values and Orientational Know-how” (policies on living together, living culture, values). Regardless of one’s German language skills, one needs up to one month of an internsive course (maximum 320 lesson units) in order to attain level A2. The ÖIF A2 exam must be completed within 18 months in order to receive the grant of € 2.50 per lesson unit (up to a maximum of € 750) from the ÖIF. That comes out to € 187.50 for an intensive course and € 135.00 for an evening course.

German Intensive Training at the most favourable terms

Course level A2 – 4 weeks intensive training

ÖIF Reimbursement

Vienna Language Voucher of the city of Vienna

€ 395,00

– € 187,50

– € 100,00

Deductible rate per course thus:

€ 107,50

Cooperation with ÖIF

In addition to the ÖIF voucher, you can also redeem a “Wiener Sprachgutschein” (Vienna Language Voucher) from the Immigration Office MA 35 in the amount of € 100.00 for each course block (intensive course or evening course), and for EU citizens, a voucher of € 50.00.

Please check with us in person in the office and bring your vouchers and passport with you.

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