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The ÖIF Integration Exam

Our language school is certified by the Austrian Integration Fund and the City of Vienna

IKI Vienna has been involved in the integration of immigrants for years and is certified by the Austrian Integration Fund and the City of Vienna.

Our courses also include preparation for the “Values and orientation knowledge” exam (rules of living together, lifestyle, values) as part of the integration agreement (only for non-EU citizens) with the ÖIF.

ÖIF integration exam and fees

IKI a recognized institution for your integration exams A2 and B1 certified by the Austrian Integration Fund.
Dates on request, price € 170.00 (IKI students € 150)

Please check with us in person and bring your vouchers for the financial support of your German course, your passport and your registration form.

Learn German language level A2

Our German Courses include classes for language level A1 and A2. You can test your knowledge by taking our placement test online.

Regardless of one’s German language skills, one needs up to one month of an internsive course (maximum 320 lesson units) in order to attain level A2.

Prepare for the ÖIF exam by registering for our morning, afternoon or evening German classes.

ÖIF voucher course coverage

The ÖIF A2 exam must be completed within 18 months in order to receive the grant of € 2.50 per lesson unit (up to a maximum of € 750) from the ÖIF. That comes out to € 187.50 for an intensive course.

The ÖIF also supports the IKI Evening Academy

If you only have time for your German course in the evening, we would be pleased to advise you on the promotion of our evening classes and how best to use the vouchers. The financial support for a German evening course amounts to € 135 (€ 2.50 per teaching lesson).

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