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SINCE 1981

International Culture Institute

More than 40 Years of IKI Vienna

The International Culture Institute (IKI Vienna) was founded by a group of German teachers as a non-profit organization in 1981. The institute is specialized in German as a foreign language and stands among the most prestigious language schools in the German-speaking realm

450-500 students from all over the world attend our German classes each month.

IKI is certified by Wien-Cert

Apart from the regular coursework, IKI is also an accredited and certified examination centre for the Austrian German Language Diploma (ÖSD) and works closely together with the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) in enger Zusammenarbeit verbunden.

Excellent relations are also well kept with the WAFF (Vienna Employment Promotion Fund) and the AMS (Employment Service Austria).

IKI Vienna is connected to many educational institutions worldwide

Each year, IKI Vienna hosts programs in partnership with the University of Washington, NC State University, and the University of Kansas.


Students every year

SINCE 2012

Institute Management

Ann Safranek, Executive Director

Elizabeth Safranek-Noisternig, Managing Director

With the sisters Ann Safranek and Elizabeth Safranek-Noisternig at the helm of the International Cultural Institute at the Wiener Opernring in 2012, the two have been successfully running the traditional Viennese company for many years in the spirit of the founders.

With the arrival of the next generation, important modernization steps were taken in administration and in the back office area, but the non-profit, social educational mission is still in the foreground of the widely recognized and much appreciated association activity. See mission statement


We look forward to meeting you

In the office, Stefanie Wurzer, Bernhard Habusta, Stefanie Matkovits and Felix Sträußlberger take care of your concerns and all organizational matters.


Stefanie Wurzer
Assistant to the Management


Bernhard Habusta
Media & Administration

Stefanie Matkovits
Front Office & Social Media

Felix Sträußlberger
Front Office


In the Classrooms

Professional trainers with academic background (language studies or teacher training) await you in the training rooms, who will strive for your personal progress with great commitment and specialist knowledge.

Currently in our team:

Barbara Gräf, Johann Gruber, Beate Hacker, Elisabeth Mäser, Eos Paul, Martin Reiterer, Andreas Werle, Eva Baur, Melanie Berger, Katharina Cemmel, Josef Diermair, Laura Dinglmaier, Tanja Erben, Vanessa Halek, Rita Hnolik, Michaela Huttar, Ella Kögel, Isabel Kraxner, Harald Krebl, Claudia Lehmann, Helen Marktl, Anna Mirkovic, Martina Mirkovic, Bernhard Offenhauser, Herwig Ofner, Natalia Sablin, Alena Soucek, Benedikt Stain, Roman Stolzlechner, Viktoria Samrajeva


Language teachers

You can find IKI at these 2 locations:

Büro + Klassenräume

Vis à vis der Oper:
Opernring 7/21, 1010 Wien


Vis à vis der Karlskirche:
Bösendorferstßaße 9, 1010 Wien

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